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On behalf of the employees of the United States Mint at San Francisco I want to express our appreciation to you for all the training you provided to us during the month of July. Your timely presentations on Tax Planning, Financial Blunders, First Time Home Buyers, Long Term Health Care, Investing Basics, You and Your Credit Score, Getting Fiscally Fit, Options for a Quality Retirement, Retirement and Beyond, Stress and Your Health, and Increase Your Health and Wellness were great topics that will help get our employees to start seriously thinking about their futures. Not only have the employees commented on the great job you did but they are curious about other topics and want to know when you will be returning.

As a government agency, it is hard to find speakers to come and talk to your employees (and cover all three shifts) about important topics about life and financial awareness, at no cost and without selling a product or service. For this alone we are grateful, as to this very informative presentations and excellent handouts and our gratitude is multiplied.

I enjoyed meeting you, and again I want to thank you for coming to the United States Mint at San Francisco and sharing vital and timely information with us. If the opportunity presents itself again, we hope you come out and hold another presentation.
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