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The Sayreville Public Library has had the pleasure of working with the Greater Central New Jersey Chapter of the Society for Financial Awareness for the past three months. Programming is a core service that the library is proud to offer its patrons to keep them informed and educated regarding various topics. The recent deluge of patrons seeking reliable, financial information has prompted the library to dedicate much of its programming offerings to personal finance seminars geared towards answering the various questions patrons and their families seek. We have been fortunate enough to work with the team from the Society for Financial Awareness to provide educational seminars that are practical and informative.

SOFA speaker Bruce Yenk's knowledge and command of his subject matter is evident in his presentations. Patrons leave his seminars excited and motivated because Bruce's strategies and tips inspire and educate. Tackling financial dilemmas can seem intimidating and daunting, but Bruce enables patrons to feel a sense of confidence and understanding as they embark on making better financial futures for themselves and their families.

Bruce's zeal for helping patrons and his willingness to stay late and answer questions demonstrates his commitment to his profession and the community. He and his assistant, Josh Goodman are true professional who always arrive promptly for their presentations and follow up with staff to ensure the satisfaction of attendees. SOFA's reliability and competence are second to none. We look forward to having SOFA back to continue aiding the community of Sayreville, as well as the library as it strives to provide excellent programming.
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