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I have had the privilege of working with the Society for Financial Awareness and Jim Toddy since July of 2014. Our public library staff wanted to expand its offerings of engaging, valuable programs for adults, especially in the area of financial literacy. After looking at other libraries and contacting SOFA, we were put in touch with Jim Toddy.

At every part of the process, Jim has acted with integrity, professionalism, and a wealth of knowledge. He understood that our adult programs were in a formative stage and was very willing to assist us with outreach. Jim always acted within the boundaries of our guidelines for presenters, yet was open to providing extra attention to those with specific questions. His audience grew, and has brought in repeat attendees. Today, Mr. Toddy’s programs remain a much-appreciated aspect of our adult programming menu.

We have been very glad to work with Jim Toddy and SOFA over the past months, and look forward to continuing his programming series.
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