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Consistent with the conversation you and I had some time ago, I wanted to express my appreciation for your time and energy in a more formal way.

I had been tasked to identify topics for our "Lunchtime Symposium" meetings for our employees. SOFA provided a lengthy list of topics that a local speaker could address with very reasonable advanced notice. Your willingness to share your expertise and practical advice with our employees over two topics: "Getting Fiscally Fit", and "Exploring Your Options for a Quality Retirement" was outstanding, and, judging from the feedback we collected from our employees, very useful as well.

SOFA's expertise will be a very welcome addition to our "Lunchtime Symposium" series, and I am looking forward to more meetings with speakers from your organization.

Thanks again!
To RMH Group has been working with SOFA for over a year now. We felt (especially in the current economy) that we needed to give our employees some financial education over and above what our 401 vendor provides. We had tried several other organizations, but they all put pressure on our employees to listen to a sales presentation, purchase something, etc.

The presenters SOFA uses don't do that. They are typically financial advisors who come in for about an hour (we do it at lunchtime), follow the SOFA topic/agenda for that particular subject (topics differ each time), and hand out evaluation forms. If employees want some one-on-one financial advice from that presenter they can provide their contact information. If not, no one calls or bothers them. If you think the presenter isn't a good fit for your group, you can try another one.

In addition, SOFA seems well-organized and low-maintenance with knowledgeable staff. They are helpful and flexible with scheduling and help keep us organized when we don't have a minute to spare. If you're considering additional financial education in an uncertain economy, I highly recommend them.

I'll be happy to answer any questions or give a verbal recommendation if your organization would like a little more reassurance.
On behalf of the Cleveland office of the FBI, I would like to thank the Society for Financial Awareness for their excellent presentation. Bobby Blackburn and Christopher Krause have provided interesting and informative topics. They have been well received by the employees. Even those who have been unable to attend have requested copies of the handouts.

Especially in these uncertain economic times the information has been relevant and up to date. I look forward to continuing these presentations in the future.
On behalf of Althea Technologies, Inc., I would like to sincerely thank the Society for Financial Awareness for providing our employees with several quality seminars over the course of 2008. This seminar series is truly a public service, and I would recommend it to any other employer as a quality educational benefit for its employees.

Additionally, I would like to extend a special thanks to Doug Shoemaker, who visited Althea every month to present useful topics to our employees such as "Getting Fiscally Fit", "Investing Concerns in a Fragile Market", and "You and Your Credit Score". Mr. Shoemaker was current, informative, and an excellent speaker. The seminars were always well-attended and well-received.

Keep up the outstanding work!
I wanted to thank you and the SOFA organization for the work that you do. The presentations you have given on Retirement, Estate Planning, and Investing Basics for Women have been very well given and well received by the staff here at our Overland Park office.

In today's roller coaster financial world, the informational sessions have provided an educational opportunity for our Team and that is very beneficial. Many have taken additional actions as a result of their learning's from your presentations.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with our Cargill Overland Park Team.
The City of Peoria is grateful for the series of financial workshops provided for our employees by SOFA. Audience feedback has been very positive. The instructors are able to connect with the differing knowledge levels of our city staff members and make financial topics accessible. During these difficult economic times, the service provided by SOFA is beneficial in providing our employees the tools they need to navigate their finances. Coordinating training events with all their staff has been very responsive and professional.
On behalf of CyOptics and our employees, I would like to thank the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA) for the first class presentations delivered by Bill Kelly.

From the employee's perspective, Mr. Kelly has been able to explain complex investment issues in an understandable manner. From a company perspective, CyOptics has seen an increase in the enrollment of our company sponsored 401k. Investing is a complex topic. In my mind, that's what it is all about - giving employees enough of an understand to feel confident enough to begin to develop an investment and retirement strategy.

Mr. Kelly has offered our employees the highest level of customer service. He has been very flexible in fitting into our hectic environment and provides a comfortable, helpful and very sincere atmosphere. Our employees have been able to elicit his help on a number of topics that he has presented. The service we receive from the supporting staff members I have dealt with on a national level, they have been more than accommodating as our business needs change. Materials are prepared for me, which greatly decreases the amount of time I need to expend - for this I am extremely grateful.

We certainly appreciate this benefit and look forward to additional topics to be presented in the New Year.
I am writing to thank you for the many informative presentations offered to our employees over the past 8 months. Douglas Shoemaker and Elaine Bryan have done a fabulous job speaking about specific topics that our employees have been able to put into their lives. "Getting Fiscally Fit" and "Stress and Your Health" and many more seminars have been given our employees options to help them reach their financial goals or avenues to lead them to making better lifestyle choices concerning food choices and exercise.

In addition, the presenters were always on time and well prepared. The materials distributed at the sessions were helpful and employees were pleased with the information they learned from the literature as well as the speakers.

Again, thank you for participating in this event. We look forward to working with SOFA in the future.
I have been coordinating the 'lunch and learn' seminars for over 4 years. It is my pleasure to write you and let you know how much our San Diego employees appreciate SOFA for bringing financial education to us! In this busy world, getting educated about our own finances often turns out to be a low priority. SOFA seminars make learning, or at least think about it, easier.

The SOFA seminars provide a full range of financial topics appealing to employees at all stages and levels of financial knowledge. The topics cover a wife range of life, as well as, death events (with the new Bereavement Planning seminar). We appreciate the wide variety of topics - financial management, real estate, college planning, wills & trusts, tax planning, investing, saving strategies for retirement and utilization of those retirement strategies!

I especially appreciate SOFA's strict adherence to our non-solicitation policy. The seminar content always includes 'real world' information which is very helpful. This coupled with the one-hour complimentary consultation on any financial topic offered is a real plus for employees.

I look forward to being able to provide more SOFA seminars in the future.
Kurtz Bros., Inc. has had the opportunity to work with the Society for Financial Awareness members this past year. I feel over this time we have developed a strong partnership and I credit the SOFA members in making this partnership so successful.

Employees at Kurtz Bros., Inc. have benefited from two highly received seminars: Home Buys/Issues of Real Estate and Estate Planning. The members that presented at the seminars were both very knowledgeable and communicated the information in a format that employees understood. They did not over complicate the presentation with unnecessary legal jargon.

SOFA is also a very flexible organization to work with in regards to scheduling and seminar selection. This is very much appreciated. Kurtz Bros., Inc. looks forward to continuing to partner with SOFA to get information communicated to our employees.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with SOFA
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