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On behalf of the employees at Paychex, Inc. I wanted to extend my gratitude for your presentation on Getting Fiscally Fit. After the presentations we received lots of positive feedback. The presentation was very informative and well prepared. As the host of many of our presentations I always fret the preparedness and professionalism of unknown speakers. You and your staff were very professional and well prepared.

We appreciate the financial insight you provided to our employees during this ingoing recession. We will definitely give you a call next year for our next financial seminar.
I commend the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA) and their volunteer speakers for providing a valuable service to organizations desiring to educate their membership on financial matters.

I have attended presentations on two different subjects by different speakers. The first dealt with Social Security, and was particularly interesting to people nearing the age when they become eligible for benefits.

The other program concerned Financial Blunders, and was presented by bill Romeo, a specialist in financial planning. Mr. Romeo is an outstanding speaker who pointed out many pitfalls to avoid in handling one's financial affairs.

Both programs were free of sales pitches for any particular product or course of action. It was most refreshing to receive impartial information delivered without any "axe to grind".

I understand that SOFA offers programs on many different financial subjects, and would encourage anyone wishing to learn more about any of these subjects to contact Bill Romeo for more information.
I appreciate you coming out to our court and speaking to our employees at the Bankruptcy Court. Your presentation on "Legal Lessons for Life" was a great topic for many people since most of us don't know where to begin. Not only has the staff commented on a great job that you did but they are asking about other topics that you do and when you will be returning!

As a government agency, it is hard to find people to come and talk to our staff about important topics about life, financial awareness, etc. that has no cost and that are not selling a product or service. The presentation was very informative and the handouts were excellent.

I enjoyed meeting with you, and again I want to thank you for coming out to our court and talking with our employees. Hopefully in the near future you can come out and hold another presentation.
Marilyn Blosser, through the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), has provided the staff of the Alliance for Aging, Inc. very informative presentation on "You and Your Credit Score" and "Investing Concerns in a Fragile Market". We believe that it is important to inform our employees on important strategies to help them reach their financial goals. Ms Blosser has taken the time to answer specific questions from our staff and walk them through solutions to their concerns.

We look forward to more such presentations in the months to come.
Thank you for taking the time to deliver the excellent financial seminars to our employees. My employees are extremely grateful that you have taken the time to break down the financial world in easy to understand terms.

The best part of all this for any employer is that it is all FREE. Where else in this tough economy can you find someone who is truly passionate about what they do and are willing to educate other at no cost.

On a personal note, I am a current client as a result of these seminars and would be happy to provide a reference to any of your potential clients.

Take care and thanks again for providing a great service!
Thanks so much for providing a speaker, Mr. Stan Jackson, to visit our Lions Club and present a program about the Roth IRA.

His program was both informative and interesting. The facts and figures that were presented in his slide show were very clear and concise.

We would highly recommend him as a speaker and the program itself as a presentation to other organizations. He certainly knows his "stuff".
The Board of the Senior Center and its members want to sincerely thank you for your excellent presentation of the seminar entitled, "Getting Fiscally Fit" on Friday May 27, 2009 at the Gold Beach Senior Center. As you know our members who attended were very pleased to learn how to prepare a budget. As seniors we face life changes and some have to begin again with areas that may be new to us.

There was interesting information shared with us, by you regarding the differences between tax preparation and tax preparers. New information to some of us that is very valuable again as our lives change.

One of the areas that would also be beneficial to our members would be in the areas of Wills, and Living Trusts.

Your presentation was well organized and very interesting and inspiring and we heard good comments from those who attended.

We are proud that Gold Beach Senior Center was able to provide a venue for you to share information of a program that is much needed for our seniors in Gold Beach.

Thank you and we hope you will return and share more information with our members.
It has been a while since I have sent a testimonial letter to express how much I appreciate you and your SOFA colleagues, Derric Melbourne and Peter Arcidiacono.

I have been coordinating the ‘lunch and learn’ seminars for over 5 years. It is my pleasure to write you and let you know how much our San Diego employees appreciate SOFA for bringing financial education to us! In this busy world, getting educated about our own finances often turns out to be a low priority. SOFA seminars make learning, or at least thinking about it, easier.

The SOFA seminars provide a full range of financial topics appealing to employees at all stages and levels of financial knowledge. The topics cover a wide range of life events including financial management [including blunders], real estate, college planning, wills & trusts, tax planning, investing, saving strategies for retirement and utilization of those retirement strategies.

I especially appreciate SOFA's strict adherence to our non-solicitation policy. The seminar content always includes ‘real world’ and timely information which is very helpful. This coupled with the one-hour complimentary consultation on any financial topic offered is a real plus for employees.

I look forward to being able to provide more SOFA seminars in the future.
The 2009 IASB HR Conference was another successful learning experience for our members from around the state. This was due to your willingness to share valuable information about financial education pertinent to all employees.

You were able to capture the current national and statewide economic conditions that are causing the stress we see in our employees. Your statistics were excellent reminders of why we need to provide assistance to our employees. Your suggestions were especially relevant and helpful.

On behalf of the Iowa Association of School Boards, please accept my sincere thank you for sharing your expertise.

If you have any comments about this conference or suggestions for those in the future, please share them with me at your convenience.
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide the staff and parents of the Livingston Huaxia Chinese School with a very informative and entertaining workshop about Financial Blunders! I believe I can speak on behalf of those who attended that we truly benefited from the common, yet far too often over looked, mistakes and solutions you shared with us.

In addition, your enthusiasm for financial education is apparent and your knowledge and experience of the subject is evident. You were very professional in your approach and I look forward to working together in the future. Thank you, again!
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