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I can't tell you enough what a pleasure it was having you at our staff meeting this morning!

Your topic, "Getting Fiscally Fit", was very informative and well received by those in attendance.

Whenever I receive positive feedback from staff and management, long after the presenter has left, I know I have accomplished my goal of providing an educational and entertaining staff meeting.

Thank you, Jim, for providing us the avenue to educate our staff members on the importance of having a personal financial blueprint. We, in the credit union industry only know too well the financial problems our members encounter. The credit union philosophy is "people helping people" and if we can pass on the information we gained through your presentation to our members, then we have done our job.

I am grateful we had the opportunity to "join forces" and I look forward to the possibility of having you speak at future staff meetings.
Many thanks for the seminars you have personally conducted and helped arrange for the employees of Radyne ComStream. The feedback I have received from the attendees has been very positive. The information presented was easy to understand,the speakers were well versed on their respective topics, and there was no sales pressure, as you promised.

No doubt the information will help many with future tax, investment planning, mortgage financing, retirement and estate planning decisions. All that attended definitely learned something new. The presentations were excellent!

I appreciate your time and effort on our behalf and look forward to speaking with you again soon to schedule another series of seminar for 2001.
On behalf of the Employee Services Council at SSC San Diego, I would like to thank you for presenting the lunchtime Fiscal Fitness seminars for our employees in February and March. Your seminars were well received by all that attended. We found your presentations enlightening and inspirational. The tips you gave on getting started and getting organized were very useful. I know many attendees that are putting your advice in action.

We look forward to the upcoming seminars that are booked through September with the Society for Financial Awareness. Thank you again for you efforts in bringing these seminars to our employees.
I wish to thank you for the series of financial planning seminars you presented at Mycogen. The varied topics from investments to estate planning, truly assisted our employees with becoming responsible for their financial future. The presentations were done with no sales pressure, as we have experienced with other seminars, and were presented in a format that was easy to understand for all employees. The speakers you provided were all well versed on the subject matter. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
I want to express my thanks and appreciation for providing our agents with a lively and beneficial seminar regarding personal finance. Your presentations were well received by all that attended. The younger agents of course will reap the most benefit from your knowledge and expertise. You proved that it is not late for some of us "old dogs" to learn a few new tricks before retirement. Your passion for this subject is clearly evident. You keep things lively and make all your presentations enjoyable and thought provoking.

You connect very well with our agents. Your understanding of our work environment helps give you instant credibility. You have obviously taken the time and interest to learn about us as a work force. This feeling of trust allows for a more open mind when it comes to developing a "financial plan".

Your presentations were down to earth and in layman terms. Your examples on the various work sheets were easy to follow and understand. The work sheets allow us to refresh our memories when necessary and plug in our own personal information. Your honesty and integrity are the intangibles that obviously differentiate you and Financial Solutions from so many other in this field.
Thank you for presenting "Preserving and Protecting Your Estate in the Golden Year" at the Senior Center.

The handouts you provided are very informative and cover aspects of financial management which are beneficial to seniors.

We appreciate your time and willingness to provide this information.
I wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the time invested by the Society for Financial Awareness in presenting seminars to our staff. The professionalism, promptness and knowledge displayed made it all worth while.

As Federal Officers employed at the San Ysidro Port of entry it is always difficult to pin officers down to attend meetings and/or seminars. However, I have received positive feedback from officers who have attended the seminars, I have heard the comment "I didn't know that....", "I am going to have to start....", "That was really good!"

I look forward to a further association with your Society in the future.
I would like to thank you for your time and effort in presenting the series of seminars to our employees. I was highly pleased with the quality and content of your presentations as well as the professionalism displayed by you and your associates. As I originally mentioned to you, our employees often fall victim to procrastination due to their tedious work schedule. Your seminars focused on the need to plan now, and this point was well taken by our employees.

I only wish we could have scheduled these seminars sooner. As usual we are concerned not only in providing high quality training, but we must also ensure that there are no ethical conflicts involved. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to future opportunities.
Would you please pass to the officials of your church the appreciation of our church for Jim Chilton. He was outstanding in his presentation of stewardship.

When our church, at the suggestion of the Conference Office, made the decision to go with the Consecrating Stewards program, we had to find a Guest Steward who would hopefully inspire our people. I contacted you and you recommended Jim. He agreed and more than Exceeded our expectations.

We wish to thank the Poway Church for their encouragement to us in this program.

With warmest personal regards and wishes for your ministry in Poway.
August 14, 2017

To whom it may concern:

Housing, Dining, and Hospitality at UCSD recently hosted a Financial Education Seminar presented by Kai Reece with SOFA. This extremely knowledgeable presenter provided valuable and extremely relevant information.
The content was well organized and quite compelling, clearly motivating the diverse audience to give more consideration to their finances and their futures. Many attendees requested additional classes and the opportunity to receive individualized advice.
I would definitely recommend this program to other organizations and look forward to our next educational seminar.


Cindy Laurence-Huffaker
Training Manager
UC San Diego, HOH
9500 Gilman Drive, 0373
La Jolla, CA 92093
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