Let’s look at a clock, or our watch . . .

All movement goes from top to the right, down and moving left, going up to the top, which we know as clockwise. 12 is North, 3 is East, 6 is South, and 9 is West. Ok, nothing profound yet. We all understand the clock face.

Now let’s apply the numbers of the clock to the level of experience – going clockwise . . .

1 we’re just starting out. We’re embarking on our new endeavor. Excited, hopeful, energetic. As we sweep out like the minute hand, we move “downward” quickly- Oh, oh, we might quickly lose our confidence, move into unfamiliar, fearful territory. Down, down we go – moving to the 3, heading to the rock bottom of the 6 . . . oh my gosh, what’s happening?!! Panic sets in.

Then through time (and experience) we begin to sweep ahead coming “up” on 9 and moving to our goal of reaching the top . . . 12. Yeah, we made it! Atta baby! Wow, what an experience!

Isn’t that exactly like the way most of us go through learning anything of substance and value? Nothing is easy. Most everything starts with excitement and joyful expectations. Often in life, quite quickly we hit the proverbial banana peel and begin to work our way down. Losing along the way our confidence, our conviction, and our ability to stick with it. Quickly as we move to the 6 or “rock bottom” our attitudes, our egos, our embarrassment for lack of success begin to work on us to quit – often we do. But for those who “stay the course” and persevere through the 6 begin upward movement of success, moving to the 9 (8 numbers beyond 1 . . . the beginning of the journey) and finishing with great success and total self-esteem by getting back to the top, 12.

It’s quite a ride but so, so true in revealing about ourselves our characteristics of coping, learning, adjusting, overcoming, and succeeding.

Just like our timepieces, we begin with 1, moving to the right. Persevering through the descent of learning, having tough challenges come into our path – moving to the bottom, sharing our confidence (possibility the devil whispering in our ear to quit.) Then getting through the proverbial Valley of Death, 6) sweeping out, moving up, catching momentum, gaining confidence, moving toward 8, 9, 10; now soaring in victory and ending at 12.

Wow! What a ride! Next time you look at the clock, check your watch, pause . . . look at the numbers – go clockwise – think to your business and all that you’ve learned. Take those eyes of yours and start focusing on 7 – 8 – 9 as the hands sweep up, and up, and up. When it hits the 12, reflect on a recent victory. Just like the time piece, there probably were a lot of steps along the way that gave you the opportunity to learn, to grow, to overcome, and to prosper. But, like your clock, it took time!

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