Historically, New Years resolutions are great (in concept), yet rarely play out. I believe itís because we look with excitement to a new day, a new year, a new opportunity to "start fresh" with the idea of totally improving our situation. Sounding good is one idea we cling to, but making that transformation "breaking old habits" is what usually does us in by February! Why? Changing takes too much effort.

The key here is sustainability. Being able to last longer in what we want to do by staying with it, whatever the "it" may be for us. It could be, financially speaking, having a bank account earmarked for a future car purchase. Also, how about a rainy day fund, not specific, but just there for you for emergencies or better yet, opportunities. Maybe a Christmas club account, putting money away again for 12 consecutive months, then when Christmas arrives, you get the cash versus using credit (again!). Perhaps itís an exotic vacation that you, this time, are really going to save for. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. The point is, youíre making resolutions for the New Year but this time youíre going to do it because your purpose to succeeding is greater, brought about by your DAILY conviction- commitment to make it happen.

Someone said most tasks and goals should be thought of as "Itís a cinch by the inch, yet hard by the yard".

The obvious meaning being, approach your objective in small increments so you receive daily victories, reaffirming to yourself that youíre getting closer to your goal. The mistake most of us make is we set ourselves up for failure by creating goals which I think Superman would have a hard time achieving. Yet, we do this to ourselves and fail time and time again, eventually coming to the realization we aren't gonna get it done! Then, we backslide, feel like a loser, and muddle along wondering why others achieve and we donít! The solution to this is:
1. Break your goal down into achievable little victories that you can do, can reach, and can accomplish each day.
2. Chart your progress - writing it down reaffirms your progress and your daily success. With more confidence comes more winning. A great cycle for oneís self esteem.
3. Go into the task with realistic expectations. Understand setbacks and puddles are always close by no biggy, youíll pass them by.
4. Donít panic if you fall behind. Keep your poise, stay calm and deliberately keep getting up and moving forward - itís always about advancing forward.
5. Find yourself an accountability partner to keep you honest and not let you quit when the going gets tough.
6. Lastly, daily, see it in your mind. Envision your goal being attained by you. Think about it often. Dream about it, see it, feel it and realize every day youíre closer to it!

January is a great month for personal Renaissance - the new beginning we all wish for. This year, for you and you alone, make this goal- whether it be money, family, a trip, a purchase, an investment, or paying off debt you will succeed in. Why not? Itís in you. All you got to do is find the will power to carry it out. Remember, any fool can wish for much. Goals without deadlines become wishes and usually fall by the wayside in short order. Get organized, become inspired and donít let anyone say you canít do it, you canít get it, and you canít become it, because you can!

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