The other night a commercial came on talking about implants for your teeth. They showed all these “everyday people” with horrible teeth. Of course it went from “Before permadontics to “After”, with them. The obvious was, well, obvious. These people loved the transformation. The testimonials that came from these people were great to observe happy, more confident, able and wanting to smile again. Some stated, for years they avoided being in any pictures because their teeth were a mess and they felt embarrassingly humiliated “being in that situation”.

Now we fast forward to this body ‘assault’ on our confidence and self-esteem…
• Liposuction and Tummy tucks
• Plastic surgery
• Miracle weight loss solutions
• Lasik surgery for our vision
…the list for these modern day “improvements” goes on and on. However, do you realize where the ‘foundation’ of this marketing comes from? Us. Madison Avenue builds marketing campaigns that continue to assault our inadequacies what we lack in (which we know and already wish it wasn’t so). It’s this vulnerability of “not enough” that sets us up to spend the money to make us how we should be compared to how we are.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for improving our self-esteem but, why don’t we treat our money and our finances with the same vigor and focus? Wouldn’t we—
• Feel better with a nice fat savings account?
• Sleep better if we really had control over our debts?
• Enjoy vacations and holidays if we always had the cash to pay for them ahead of time?
• Have kinder, sweeter relationships with our spouses if our finances were in shape?
• Enjoy our children’s college years a lot more if we had properly saved/invested for it years earlier?
• Enjoy our retirement year’s “worry-free” knowing we “have enough”?
• Love to spend more at Christmas on those we love?

The answer is yes, of course!! So why don’t we? Easy, we live in a country that promotes spending, credit, and living in the moment. In fact, our economy’s success is tied to how much we Americans spend (not save). Kind of weird or counter-intuitive if you think about it. We as a country go into slumps and recessions when citizens don’t spend ‘enough’. Follow this (as most do) and any hopes and dreams you have of transforming your finances from meager to inspiring will most assuredly die off. Sad, but absolutely true.

Here’s a thought. Get a piece of paper out and list all the things about the state of your finances that give you grief. Then, next to each item, list where you’d like these items to end up for you in a great way. See, I’m empowering you to be your own Madison Avenue marketing executive. You create your own campaign for your self-improvement.

Then, once you’ve done it, begin to do what’s needed. If you stick with it long enough, you’ll begin to see the incredible improving results of each item that needs your attention. See, it’s a simple principle probably too simple we develop where we spend our time and money. If our behavior of consumption is to spend every cent on our credit cards, guess what? We’ll be in debt, only living to pay others. Stop spending, have control over your bad habits and you’ll start to see your savings increase, your debt diminish, and you’ll feel happiness and peace of mind!

Restorative confidence occurs when you’re sick of looking in the mirror and you can’t stand what you’re looking at. Whether its poor teeth or staying broke, it all begins with you. Do well!

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