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Our Number One Goal: Assisting Individuals to Take Charge of Personal Finances.
87% of teens report their parents are their main source of financial education, while more than 56% of married couples
report having serious problems related to their finances.
(Moneymanagement.com & Charles Schwab Foundation)
Revisiting the Basics to Ensure Everyone's Financial Future.
October 1, 2016   |   Category: Future Planning   |   Author: Rebecca Lake
Taking a strategic approach to managing your finances is a good way to keep tabs on how you’re doing, but even the most organized person doesn’t always take the time to make an annual financial plan. As fall approaches and students head back to school for a new year, it’s an excellent time to begin mapping out what you hope to achieve financially over the next 12 months. Even if you feel fairly confident about the way you’ve been handling your finances so far, understanding how you can use an annual financial plan to your advantage can help you make smarter decisions with your money going forward. (For more, see Financial Planning: It’s About More Than Money.) What Is an Annual Financial Plan? An annual financial plan is a guidebook of sorts...
July 31, 2015   |   Category: College Planning / Loans   |   Author: Jim Chilton
At my fifth and last child’s high school graduation, I settled into a seat next to a gentleman who was the father of another graduate. When the ceremony ended, most of the parents excitedly rushed forward to take photos of their sons and daughters. But this fellow just sat there in a classic dejected pose, his hands on his cheeks and his elbows on his knees. He appeared numb rather than jubilant, not what you expect from a proud parent of a child who just earned a high school diploma. “Are you all right?” I asked. “Have I ever messed up,” he replied. “This is the first moment it’s hit me that my little girl will be...

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September 10, 2015
Bank of Montreal said Thursday it had agreed to acquire General Electric Capital Corp.’s transportation-finance business operations in a multi-billion-dollar deal, bolstering its commercial-banking business and expanding its U.S. footprint. ...
August 11, 2015
Capital One Financial Corp. said it will buy a health-care financing business owned by General Electric Co. for $9 billion, marking a new direction by the firm better known for...